Feb 10 2014

[wedding] beth + sam

Remember these guys? Their rainy day engagement session was one of my favourites. They got married a few days before New Years and it turns out their wedding day was also a lovely overcast day (which was awesome!) I was so honoured to be a part of their day. Here’s to the last wedding of [...]

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Sep 12 2013

{wedding} david + kim

David and Kim contacted me through a mutual friend this summer asking if I could do their wedding–which was in a month!  It’s not that often that I get weddings on such short notice, but it was a good thing they contacted me when they did, because it was the last wedding I did before [...]

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Jun 17 2013

{wedding} jacquie + nick

On a warm spring day in May, these two lovely people decided to spend the rest of their lives together.  Thank-you, Jacquie and Nick for allowing me to capture your special day!  Here’s what the day looked like…

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Sep 20 2012

{wedding} mandy + adam

Mandy + Adams wedding day: complete with stunning mountain views, winding garden paths and of course, a lovely couple head over heels. Here are a few favourites from the day. Married on the same day as her grandmother, 54 years ago.

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Aug 24 2012

{wedding} ryan + jolene

On a beautiful sunny day in July at this lovely home in Abbotsford, Ryan + Jolene were wed.  To be able to photograph the wedding of two people that I’ve know for so long is a great privilege and I was so happy to be a part of it. I can’t really say enough about [...]

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Jul 3 2012

{wedding} brad + chantal

Chantal + Brad were married on a lovely bright June day at Bakerview Church in Abbotsford.  They celebrated with a reception at Secret Garden Greenhouse out in Yarrow (Which quickly became one of my favourite places to shoot a reception. So bright and airy!  I loved it.) Here’s how the day went…

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Oct 25 2011

conrad + rachel – wedding

I find it amazing how often it happens that on a wedding day where it has been forecast to rain, the clouds part for the time that we end up doing photos. Conrad + Rachel’s wedding day did exactly that, and we were fortunate to get some lovely shots in the setting sun. It was [...]

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Oct 3 2011

{wedding} conrad + rachel – preview

Well… The rain held off for us (mostly) yesterday, and we even had a bit of a sunset later on when the clouds parted. Here’s a preview of Conrad + Rachel’s beautiful day:

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Jun 5 2011

{wedding} deanna + steve

I’m so excited to share this wedding. I’ve known Deanna since we were little girls, and was totally honoured when she asked me to do her wedding photos. The day of the wedding started off with some of the heaviest downpour we had seen for a while. Our spring here has been a little bit [...]

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Feb 16 2011

{wedding} margaret + andy

I had the privilege to fly down to South Carolina just before Christmas to shoot a very special ladies wedding.  Margaret & I met in September of 2008 in England, when my husband & I went to do some schooling, and she was in the same course with us.  Margaret was the first “Southern belle” [...]

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