{wedding} deanna + steve

I’m so excited to share this wedding. I’ve known Deanna since we were little girls, and was totally honoured when she asked me to do her wedding photos.
The day of the wedding started off with some of the heaviest downpour we had seen for a while. Our spring here has been a little bit ridiculous, but on this day it was completely mad. Still, Deanna was in great spirits and wasn’t phased by the weather. I kept saying “It’s going to be clear after 12:45.” (Which was the wedding started). Of course, the weather report said rain straight for the next few days. After all the girls got ready, the weather still hadn’t really cleared. We braved a couple shots out in the backyard but the rain just kept at it. When I left the house to go photograph the boys at the church it was still downpour.
But then…
…About 15 minutes before the ceremony, just as the last groomsman had arrived (he had car troubles) the clouds broke. And for the rest of the day we had beautiful partly cloudy (and nicely diffused light) with peaks of sun here and there. It was perfect! By the time we got to the reception hall, the sun was streaming in all the windows and it had turned into a beautiful day.
Here are some of my favourite shots from the day.

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